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Moto X - Color Thief - Monster Media

Moto X – Color Thief

Monster Media partnered with Razorfish, Digitas and JCDecaux to show users across New York City and Chicago which Moto X color combination is perfect for them! Three fully interactive and dynamically lit storefronts were activated in both New York and Chicago, in addition to five interactive bus shelters across Chicago. Users were drawn to the systems with dynamically changing lights which synced with the color of the current Moto X on shown on each system. Upon touch interaction of the system by a user, the system recognized the primary color that the user was wearing and “color thieved” them triggering the dynamic lighting of the entire storefront window or bus shelters to mirror that same color! This color was then utilized in the custom Moto X phone designed by the user! Upon completion of their custom Moto X design users were prompted to strike a pose and share their photo and phone via social channels.

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