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Levi's - Make Our Mark - Monster Media

Levi’s – Make Our Mark

In partnership with Outdoor Media Group, AKQA, City Outdoor and Clear Channel Outdoor, Monster Media brought the Levi’s Make Our Mark art collaboration to life through a network of ten interactive bus shelters in San Francisco and an interactive storefront in Brooklyn. Designed to emulate the traditional Solari board often found in transportation hubs, the experience starts with an invitation for individuals to join famous celebrities by contributing to an art project. Users were invited to share what defines them through tagging entries on Instagram and Twitter. The experience transitioned into an art gallery featuring selections other users submitted. The top half of the gallery showcased an Instagram video or Instagram photo while the bottom half of the display had a separate Twitter response that matched up with the Instagram content. Users were able to scroll through the gallery to view all the selected entries from contributors through the social and mobile sphere.