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How I Met Your Mother - Laser Tag - Monster Media

How I Met Your Mother – Laser Tag

Monster Media partnered with Media Storm to promote the television show How I Met Your Mother in several of the top US markets. The campaign was installed within premier, high-traffic locations in NY, LA and Chicago, where users had the opportunity to compete in an oversized Laser Tag game and pose for a photo with Barney! Utilizing the 2x3 Linked LCD Wall and touch interaction, users were able to test their skills in a fun Laser Tag game. Participants in the game were challenged to touch icons on screen in the correct order to “shoot” the different show characters and gain points. If they pressed the incorrect icon or were too slow, they “missed” their target. As the game increased in difficulty, users had to act more quickly to hit the targets and continue on in the game. At the conclusion of the game, if the user had attained a high enough score, they were able to enter their initials and have their score posted on the leader board for everyone to see. Users were also able to take their photo with Barney via the adjacent photo taking station and email their custom photo to share via social media sites.

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