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Experience Kissimmee - Monster Media

Experience Kissimmee

As the gateway to fun, Experience Kissimmee wanted to take city goers out of the cold into fun, sunny adventures. &Barr partnered with Monster Media to activate two storefront dominations in chilly Chicago and New York City. Bundled up pedestrians initially activated the storefronts through motion as they walked by prompting an on-screen call-to-action enticing them to interact via touch on one of two 2x2 LCD Walls. Upon activating the systems, users were invited to choose one of four adventures to go on. Once users choose the adventure of their choice, a custom video took over the LCD Wall. Users were immersed in one of the countless adventures Kissimmee has to offer visitors. The user’s photo was then taken after they completed to adventure so they could email their photo and share it out to friends and family. Users were encouraged to share how they escaped the code on social media and were invited to text to enter to win their own Kissimmee getaway.

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