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Canon - #RealTimeTips - Monster Media

Canon – #RealTimeTips

Monster Media partnered with 360i to bring a unique experience to NYC this holiday season. Every day NYC’s photogenic landmarks are shot and shared, but many of the photos aren’t as spectacular as the sites themselves. That’s why this holiday season, during the week of December 14, Canon took over NYC destinations with smart billboards on Monster Media interactive trucks to provide in-the-moment photo tips and help more people capture beautiful photos that take their shots – and newsfeeds – from ‘meh’ to marvelous. Using social listening, Canon has identified New York’s most photographed destinations to serve as the locations for three pop-up billboards: The Flatiron, Central Park South and the Brooklyn Bridge at Fulton Ferry. Each billboard is powered by realtime API data – including weather conditions, location and time of day. The program automatically update to show more than 200 custom tips based on different real-time conditions and data combinations.

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