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Interactive Social Media Displays | Monster Media

Social Platform

Enhance your campaign with the voice of the consumer. We’ll help you to easily integrate user generated content and amplify your audience. It's so seamless that you’ll think we own the patents on social media itself.

Configurable Apps

Our social media applications make it easy to quickly create campaigns that include real-time social media content.

Pulling from Twitter, Instagram, SMS Text Messages and other online sources, we have a number of visualizations and application options that you can personalize via an intuitive online application manager.

Our configurable apps feature both automated content filtering as well as offer a portal for content moderation.


Custom Solutions

Leverage the Monster Social Platform to create custom UGC campaigns with your creative. Our full creative and development teams will work collaboratively to bring your vision for a custom social campaign to life.


We deliver brand-safe social content - trust us, the biggest names out there do. Our platform is designed to aggregate, filter, curate and then display content from all the most popular social media sources.


Our intelligent filters automatically remove obscenities, profanity, client-specified bad words, competitive mentions and whatever else you want to prevent from appearing as a part of your campaign. In addition, they also remove messages that include misspellings, variations and other alternatives of those blacklisted terms.

Automated Moderation

Using a movie ranking system to evaluate and approve messages that are audience-appropriate based upon your desired settings.

Human Curation

All content is placed into a curation queue that prevents any message from being displayed until it has been approved by a human moderator to ensure that the message is on point for your campaign.



Social Media can be a powerful tool to spread messages, but it can also be valuable if you listen. We use real-time methods to log and track success for our social media campaigns so that you can increase chatter, fine tune your strategy and ensure that you're achieving your goals.

We track everything, from how many people are participating in your campaign and when they're most active to who the most influential contributor is and more. We provide options for real-time updates and deliver full analytics reports with data visualizations to ensure that you have visibility on the complete picture.