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New technology mega-wall debuts at Orlando meetup - Monster Media

New technology mega-wall debuts at Orlando meetup

July 20th, 2015 by Monster Media

A tech hub in downtown Orlando has a new social media-friendly addition.

The Exchange Building, which is home to tech coworking space Canvs and hosts several tech-based events and meetups, unveiled a high-tech wall that can be used to enhance those meetups.

The structure, which consists of nine large-screen televisions, by default shows a feed of Twitter posts that mention any of the building’s tenants but it can be repurposed to fit any group’s needs. On Thursday, for example, the wall displayed startup companies’ presentations as they showed off their businesses at a meetup.

“It’s there to set the tone for what this area is,” said Carlos Carbonell, CEO of Echo Interaction Group, one of the firms behind the new wall. “We are using this technology to leverage the voice of Canvs, Orlando Tech Association and, potentially, every single company here.”

Monster Media group, an Orlando-based provider of digital advertising platforms, partnered with Echo.

The debut came during a monthly meetup hosted by the tech group. The monthly meeting gives attendees a glimpse at tech companies with a presence in Orlando.

On Thursday, these five companies presented:

Augment: A company that has built an augmented reality mobile application that allows users to create 3D models and view them in real time. For instance, the app could overlay a 3D model of a couch on a scene so homeowners can see how new furniture would look in their home.

6PHP: A donation-based crowdfunding platform.

iCheckContractors: A service for contractors that can verify licensing, insurance and other details in real-time.

My One Resource: An all-in-one organizational tool that logs personal information and other pertinent data for users to access immediately.

Effin Amazing: An analytics consulting company based in Orlando.

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