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Digital Interactive Solutions for a New Generation - Monster Media

Digital Interactive Solutions for a New Generation

February 16th, 2015 by Monster Media

The future of retail is embodied with consumers that are more informed and tech savvy than ever before. The proliferation of hi-tech gadgets and the growing reliance they chauffeur to the fast-paced, need-now lifestyle signal an evolving pattern of behavior to the way shoppers make decisions. Stephanie Barrymore, VP of Retail for Monster Media, sees the customer cajoled by dynamics nonexistent a decade ago. “Everything is hitting them, from all different areas; traditional media, mobile, social media, online. If you don’t mirror that – how your consumer is getting info – in your retail experience when you bring the shopper into your location, you’re missing the boat.”

Technology is converging the digital and physical worlds, and retailers must find ways to leverage this opportunity and guide consumer choices. Retailers must also engage the consumer in ways that promote brand awareness, establish loyalty and embrace the in-store experience with new rigor. But beyond the reality the brick-and-mortar environment is set for change, few know what to expect, how to adapt and what will be the impact of this radically evolving landscape.

Monster Media partners with retailers offering solutions to enhance retail merchandising and promote key messaging to create a more intuitive, interactive and intimate shopping experience. And while capturing buyer interest is important, maintaining technological vitality is critical. No longer a trend, technology is part of the natural environment; embrace its significance and impression on the shopper, to ultimately drive buying decisions.

By becoming a strategic partner and an extension of a store’s team, Monster Media begins with the questions, “what do you currently have and what type of consumer behavior are you trying to influence?” while encouraging retailers to enthusiastically embrace the benefits of change. Understanding needs, infrastructure and expectations establishes the foundation for what is to come next. This also identifies potential challenges in the process. As a full-service solution provider, Monster Media creates, adapts and drives retail solutions with interactive technology and digital displays, redefining the shopper experience and optimizing the bottom line outcome for retailers. Experience and expertise determine what is a good fit, while research and key performance metrics measure impact and success. Whether it’s designing window displays, tracking shopper analytics and insights, retrofitting digital systems, customizing hardware and software or establishing brand awareness, Monster Media is a one stop shop adept in strategic planning, creative development, operational analysis and logistical planning, installation and validation with the promise obsolete never exist within a business model. That’s because Monster Media’s goal is to grow with its clients, by staying ahead of technology and innovation. Within the Centerpiece experience, Monster Media will highlight digital interactive solutions that create unmatched brand experiences for consumers and employees.

Despite the threat of e-commerce, changing demographics and expiring technology models, Monster Media is reinvigorating the in-store path to purchase creating value models that anticipate and seamlessly adapt to the unexpected. How? By delivering more when the customer expects the impossible.

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